• NEW RELEASE - 3.2 'The Rules Have Changed'
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Robert Berry:

Grammy nominated recording artist, song writer, producer and performing musician.

From his breakthrough work with Bay Area stalwarts, Hush, to his dramatic leap to international renowned with ´3´ featuring Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer, to his performances with the legendary Ambrosia, combined with his long running project - Alliance, with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger, to the December People, along with his consistent rise as a much in demand record producer, purveyor of the low end and songwriter with the Greg Kihn Band, the music never stops. Most recently he's the heart and soul behind the new 3.2 album, the long awaited follow up album to 3's 'The Power of Three', which features contributions from Keith Emerson . Proving again that there is never a dull moment in Robert´s world.

Good news! The long-awaited new album from Alliance marks its official release on May 24. All indications are that this collaboration between Gary Pihl, Mr. David Lauser and Robert Berry is their best effort yet. So stand up, do the right thing and pre-order yours today. You'll surely find it in all the usual places, including better retail outlets everywhere, digital platforms and from www.Escape-Music.com .

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"...Berry remains a master of the electronic keyboard, some of his most haunting and convincing playing comes from the piano,..."

"A welcome addition to the larger bodies of progressive rock and progressive pop alike."

Jedd BeaudoinKeyboard Magazine On Line

I can’t recommend this CD highly enough.

...it's a resoundingly solid and accomplished progressive rock album."

Howard WhitmanGoldmine Magazine

It’s really a great album. Suprisingly has become one of my favorite albums of all time, riviling Tarkus, Abbey Road, 90125, Talk and ( guilty pleasure ) Pretty Odd.

Andrew M. Bellvia Facebook

Great release, amazing tribute. - Great release. The roots of this may hearken back to 1988, but the sounds are fresh and lively. You don’t hear this progressive rock anymore on the radio, do yourself a favor and buy this. Keith Emerson’s DNA is all over this, and Robert Berry does a masterful job of putting all the bits and pieces, ideas and concepts, together in a fitting tribute that would make his friend and mentor proud. I can’t stop listening to it, I want more!

Jürgen FritzAmazon - 5 Stars - Verified Purchase

So Much More than just GREAT MUSIC ! - Where do I start? I could go on and on writing in detail for hours about Robert and Keith's creation. In an attempt to keep it brief enough to be readable, I'll just say - Incredible composition, production and musicianship by Robert in his playing of all the instruments. He captured Keith's sounds, spirit and essence. Such intelligent and thoughtful lyrics. And...the liner notes bring tears every time I read them. Along with everything else, Robert has an outstanding command of the written word. Finally, the photos, which are beautiful and also summon the emotions make this a complete package. I was so looking forward to this creation and it exceeded my expectations by light years.

Michael S.Amazon - 5 Stars - Verified Purchase

Wow! Just wow... - Robert Berry has created an excellent follow up to the "3" masterpiece. 3.2 is a well crafted album. I'm very impressed with Berry's achievement, using bits and pieces from Emerson and a lot of talent, he has created some worthy songs... Keith would be proud! Great instrumentation, arrangements, production, mixes... it's a great album! Thank you, Robert Berry... for putting in energy, skill, thought & time it took to fulfill this dream of yours... you see, it was our dream too and now we get to hear it! And Robert, I agree with Keith... lose the beard, dude!

Paul H.Amazon - 5 Stars - Verified Purchase

Congratulations Robert Berry! I know it’s been quite a journey but your perseverance and talent did it. He’s smiling wide upon you…..

Mari KawaguchiFamily

I have heard the entirety of ‘The Rules Have Changed,’ the 30-years-in-the-making follow-up to 3 (Emerson, Berry, Palmer)’s ‘3 to the Power of 3.’ It is absolutely superb. It’s an expertly-executed and performed album that takes the spirit of the first 3 release and propels it into edgier and more adventurous territory, while retaining the melodic qualities of its predecessor. ....The only thing to do is listen to the results for yourself.

Anil PrasadFounder and Editor Innerviews: Music Without Borders

Based on the sample track “Somebody’s Watching,” which absolutely captures the sound of the original band at their most daring and delightful, I’m definitely looking forward to The Rules Have Changed, and I wish Berry’s 3.2 project all the success in the world.